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Jun 1, 2023

Chapter Versions Overview

Write and experiment without fear of losing progress! Learn how chapter versions work here.

Nate Gillick
Nate Gillick
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The chapter versions feature is meant to help anyone using our text editor for writing serial or experimental fiction iterate on their work without needing to keep multiple separate documents or worry about their progress being lost. Best of all, the system handles this automatically!

If you are uploading finished books via our import epub feature, or copy / pasting finished chapters into the editor for serial publication, you may not need this feature, but it is there for you if you ever wish to make changes later.

The video below shows the versions feature in action.

Key takeaways with versions:

  • Click the clock icon near the reader settings to open up the version list.
  • A new version of a chapter is saved every 20 minutes, as long as a change has been made in the text.
  • The system will automatically save up to 40 versions of a chapter.
  • After 40, the system will automatically delete the oldest version.
  • Versions are listed in reverse chronological order, with the newest version at the top.
  • Users can replace the auto-generated names with a version name of their own, for up to 10 versions of a chapter. These versions are permanently stored and NOT deleted if / when the 40 version limit is reached.
  • Clicking on a version on the list will bring up a read-only view of the version. Click the blue “Restore prior version” button to make that version the active text in the chapter editor.

Note: Versions do not exist for chapters uploaded prior to this update. If you wish to make one, simply open a chapter and make a tiny change. Deleting and re-entering a period is enough to trigger the system to generate a version file. This is unnecessary if your chapters are finalized text that you have no plans on altering.

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