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Designed for author freedom

On Laterpress, you own the relationship with your readers, not us. That means you can publish your books directly to your own website, instead of through a centralized platform. You can also have a direct say in how Laterpress is run by joining our first-of-its-kind Author Working Group. Don't want to use Laterpress anymore? We make leaving easy, letting you take everything with you — your books, mailing list, and subscriptions — with no strings attached.

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Take your fiction online in minutes

Laterpress is optimized for digital book reading. Readers can easily save their place, browse a table of contents, get emailed about new chapters, and much more. Better yet, readers don't have to download an app or buy a reader device just to access your books. All they need is an internet connection.

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Charge exactly how and what you want

Laterpress lets you collect payment directly from readers and only keeps 5% of what you earn. Flexible payment options mean you can charge readers a one-time or per-chapter fee for your book — or a subscription to get everything you publish. You can even let readers choose between payment options.

Published with Laterpress

Ancient ruins

The Iliad

The final weeks before the fall of the city of Troy.
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An english manor

Jane Austen

Classic stories of love and manners in the Regency era.
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Snow falling on a city at night.


Fifteen stories about life in Dublin at the turn of the 20th century.
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A platform run by community

Laterpress is committed to building in partnership with our community of authors. Want to help shape the future of Laterpress? Apply to join the Author Working Group.

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