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Jul 26, 2022

Introducing the Bookshelf, Ratings & Reviews, and Recommendations!

Come see the new features available in our biggest reader-centric quality of life update yet.

Nate Gillick
Nate Gillick
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We’re pleased to announce the release of our largest quality of life update yet for readers, with the introduction of three new features. Say hello to the Bookshelf, Ratings and Reviews, and Recommendations! See them in action in the video below, or read on for a text explanation.

While you have a Laterpress book up, click on the menu icon on the top right of the screen. That will open up a menu like this:


Clicking on Bookshelf will bring up all the other stories you’re reading through Laterpress. There are three different sorting options: Recently Read (default), Alphabetical, and Reverse Alphabetical. 

Note that the book you were reading when you accessed the menu will not show up on the bookshelf with everything else. Any other books already in your bookshelf by the same author will appear at the top.

More books by the same author that aren’t yet on your shelf can be found at the bottom of the bookshelf, below the “Load more” button. 


These are found at the bottom of the Bookshelves page. Here you will find other stories in the same genres as what you were reading. Your book only appears in Recommendations and the books of other authors only appear on your books if you have enabled Community features.

By default, four options are shown, but you can see more by clicking the “Load more” button.

For readers, recommendations offer an easy way to find new stories to enjoy. For authors, they are our first community feature designed to help you find readers unfamiliar with your work. This is a feature we will continue to develop and improve upon over time.


When reading a book, open up the menu, and the Reviews option will be listed below the Table of Contents. On this screen, you can leave a star rating on a book, write a review, and see reviews written by others, so you can see what others are saying if you want before making any purchasing decisions. Books only show a chapter count until they’ve been given their first rating or review.

We hope you enjoy these new features! Have questions or feedback for us? Let us know in our Discord server.

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